kudos from our community

"They Work Hard"


“Creative Marketing Resources has been using barter as an important part of our business for over thirty years. We’ve used our trade dollars for everything from computer equipment to international trave; and just about everything in between. And during that time we’ve always known that we could count on Colorado Currency to look out for our interests. They not only help us identify valuable goods and services for our trade dollars but they work hard to generate barter income by promoting our business to other members. As a service oriented company, we can’t always bill every hour of the day with cash business. So, using those otherwise wasted hours to earn barter income we can then turn around and spend instead of using our cash, just good business.”

Trent Thornton

President, Creative Marketing Resources, Inc.

"They Always Listen"


"We have been working with Colorado Currency for almost 4 years. The Colorado Currency team are friendly, hard-working, and extremely pleasant to deal with. They always listened to our requests, and has worked to help find us the perfect match for our business needs in a timely manner.  They are eager to help not only match our business needs, but also connect us to other members who will benefit from our service.

The company offers an almost limitless array of products to choose from - perfect for gift-giving, home or business maintenance,  business growth, events, travel, dining, and just about anything else that you could imagine. There is also a barter store where you can shop online.

"We highly recommend Colorado Currency for their superior customer service, and for the benefit of your business."

Beth & Joanne - Owners of Ace Chat

"Superior Business"


5/5 Stars

" Colorado Currency is a superior business. A great group of people. The care and consideration they exercise is amazing. A huge adjunct to my business. The barter clients we have worked with are stellar."

 "Barter clients are wonderful! And I love to use Colorado Currency to get what I need."

"Love these guys!" 

"Integral Part of Our Organization"

Our President,

Our President, Bethanne Dressel has been awarded multiple industry awards from the National Association of Trade Exchanges. 

Avalon, N.J. 2019

"Board of Directors. In recognition and appreciation of your outstanding service to NATE"

 New Orleans 2018

 "Congratulations to our 2018 Board Member of the Year, Bethanne Dressel! She has been an outstanding new addition to our board and we are thankful for all of her hard work over the past year. Bethanne is the President of Colorado Currency in Golden, CO and and integral part of our organization. Thanks Bethanne for a job well done!"

Las Vegas 2017

"Congratulations to Bethanne Dressel from Colorado Currency on being awarded the Distinguished Service Award for service and dedication to the barter industry."

"Diverse and Exciting"


“We've been happily involved with Colorado Currency for over 10 years now. It's been a truly important part of our business model and has helped us tremendously with positive energy and growth in our many markets. We've become a coast to coast business and it's because of the new customers that we have been introduced to through barter. This community we've joined through Colorado Currency is diverse and exciting, we do business regularly with hugely dynamic businesses. Our relationship with each has helped us in developing new markets and to properly address better market strategies.  For us, it's never been just buying stuff on trade, but finding like-minded businesses (including Colorado Currency itself) and discovering the joy in aligning ourselves with others who aren't satisfied with the commonplace.”

Peter G. DeWolf - Founder

Red Rocks Toffee Company